Posted by: Leah | March 31, 2013

If You Are Looking for The Sign…

New Year Resolutions is such a funny time. It is amazing to see how much enthusiasm we show in our plans to make our life BETTER this year.

I know people who write huge lists of resolutions, and actually follow through. Meticulously.

I  know people who write lists and forget all about it the following week.

I also know people who are waiting for some sign to change their lives. I was one of them. Whenever I was presented with ideas and options, I found one million excuses of why and how not to. I would say: no, I am not ready yet. When I am I will know I will see the SIGN.

Months came and went, and I was watching my life go by, still with those wonderful ideas that I did not even get started on.

Then I realized that probably that sign may never make its appearance in my life. Waiting for it does not really help. Making changes and sticking to it does  This is how I made progress with my learning, fitness and nutrition.

And now, when new neighbiurs moved into my area and the first thing they put in the window was a sign: “If you are waiting for the sign – this is it!” it always makes me smile as I pass by. In fact I now try to chose my route so I pass more often, and when I think if I should be doing something now, I always tell myself: well you saw THE SIGN today! This is it.



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