Posted by: Leah | May 5, 2013

Do not count your days, make your days count

I used to get uber-excited about some future happenings: in six months, my friend will come and visit, in two months, I am going to a b’day party, in ten months I am going on a trip. I would count my days until the events, but then aye sometimes the thing itself did NOT deliver.

I came to realize though that by doing that I miss many important gifts that everyday life has in store for me, that by rushing my time I miss much more that I get from the BIG happenings.

The beauty of life is not in vacation trips and enormous parties. It is in small things: taking your time to meet somebody you have not seen for a while, cinnamon waffles :))) ( I am a cinnamon addict) in the morning, spring flowers and awesomeness of not having to rush anywhere.

And big things, well, they will be with me as milestones, but not something I count my days to.

Happy Sunday, my friends, enjoy it.


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