Posted by: Leah | May 19, 2013

Welcome to Holland

I think many of you may have seen a beautiful writing by Emily Pearl Kingsley that describes experiences of giving birth to a special needs child and adjusting to that. It is called Welcome to Holland:

When I first read it, it resonated with strongly, not in a way of having a special needs child, but arriving somewhere in life where I completely did not plan to be. I arrived in Canada with my husband, full of plans, guidebooks and anticipation, and very shortly after that well, I realized that I in fact had arrived in Holland.

I had to go and learn the whole new thing of making decisions, and providing for myself, and being independent and learning to appreciate what the new environment had for me. Now, some seven years later, I should tell you I like Holland so much more! I feel grateful I ended up there, and not in Italy.

I think in life there are so many situations when we do not end up where we thought we meant to be, and were preparing ourselves to. And I bet there are times when we look around us and say: what the hell? I completely do not want to be here, and neither am I ready for it, and sure it takes lots of grief , adjustment, doubts, and anxiety.

But yet, being able to adjust the sails and work with what you have, and not what you would like to is one of the best life skills. If you feel you have just arrived in Holland, hang it there. Holland is not bad at all as it may seem at the beginning.

Have Sunday my friends. Spring in Toronto continues!



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