Posted by: Leah | May 25, 2013

On Celebrating the Differences

Right about this time of the year, I now get profoundly sad. I terribly miss my beautiful friend, Leah. Leah died almost two years ago, and life will never be the same. Yes, I get the basic concept of loss – you never completely get rid of the emptiness inside you, but you learn to live with it.

There is more to that, though. Leah was my best and the most cherished teacher. Whenever I am faced with a religious dilemma, or uninspired to do something, I ask myself what Leah would have done. She taught me how to believe in something with all my heart, how to celebrate life, how to disagree and how to be different.

We WERE very different. She was an Orthodox Jew, and I was not. She had strong opinions about LGBT-Jews, and I did not. And we disagreed, with passion, clashing our hearts over observances, gay issues and Israel.During those times, I learned that differences and disagreements only add to our life if we know how to disagree and to be different with tact, respect and love. I learned that I do not have to have an identical twin thinking exactly the same as a friend. I miss our fights. Nobody else is able to fight with the same strength, passion and love as Leah did.

And now, whenever I hear addressed to me or to somebody else: you will never get it because you are.. or you are not; you won’t be able to walk the walk, to talk the talk or dance the dance, I always always think how wrong it is, how being different brings so much beauty to our lives and how getting to know and experiencing somebody else’s walk, talk or dance changes your life forever. And then, I feel the emptiness creeping my heart for a second or longer.

The most wondrous experiences often enter our lives unnoticed and unappreciated at times, but when we lose them, life is changed forever.

I so terribly miss you, Leah.


  1. Beautiful thoughts.. very well-written.

    • Thank you!

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