Posted by: Leah | May 26, 2013

One Tribe

I know somebody’s comments went a tad too far when I feel a sudden urge to debrief them with several people over several days trying to prove THEY (not me) were wrong. I was right; they were wrong. Let’s discuss.

To cut a long story short: I was told my opinion did not count because I was not born into a particular culture. Wha? I thought, look at me, yes, exactly look at me – you see how wonderful I am? Dig that? That much hard work I have done too. HUH. Now look at yourself. Not THAT wonderful.

Of course, I get it. I am a grown up. An adult. We have our opinions and perceptions. Where we come from often defines what and how we think. That is valid. Was I born say in a far far away land, I would possibly be thinking like most far away people, talking like them, moving like them and making friends with people like me only. We are cosmopolitan though. Citizens of the world. Multicultural Canadians, embracing cultures, languages, foods and experiences. This far away stuff is cool but seriously huh so out of date.

Which brings me to the point. Sometimes I desperately feel the need to say to somebody: hell, you do not get  me because you are not me, you are not Jewish, your heart does not ache the same my does, your soul does not transcend when your hear traditional music, your mood does not descend thinking about all heartache and pain of my people.  You do not get it, and you will never get it. I do feel the urge to say exactly that. I even did that a couple of times!

Now I stop though. I think. I reflect. I think. At the end of the day how do I know? They may feel the same pain I do being non-Jews; they may be rejoicing and crying with me, and they may feel it even stronger.

We are the one my friends. One tribe. Humanity. I shall never forget that.

“We be of one blood, ye and I, kill shall be thy kill if ever thou art hungry. (Mowgli)


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