Posted by: Leah | December 21, 2013

December Cheer

I had a pretty blah month. The Toronto winter weather gets me – I get cold, miserable and whiny; practical people get me some more. I am somewhat practical myself: I go to bed on time if I have to work the next day and make a grocery list, but seriously planning your life up to a dot and trying to rationalize relationship decisions. I ain’t in for that for sure.

Life is short. Dance in the rain. Spend time with who you love. Drink wine (or water). And if you do not want me in your life, I really do not need to know why. Seriously. Do not rationalize that.

But then there were magical things, like my Hannukah this year – I was ready and enjoyed lighting candles and spending time with my friends.

Hot yoga. This is saving me from my winter misery. The best thing ever.

And yesterday. I was tired, cranky and sleepy at the same time and got on the street car. The driver coughed: people around me shouted: Good evening driver and clapped.

I looked around. Are they crazy or what?

Then the driver went over the rules: It is Friday and miserable out, we are all tired and it is almost Xmas. when I cough: say: good evening driver and clap for me.

Good times. We drilled and practiced. Then we moved to saying: Good evening passenger and clapping.

It was priceless. By the time I had reached my stop, I was giggly and all warm and fuzzy inside.

It does not take much. Go ahead. Spread December cheer. Consider that me tagging you. You are next.




  1. Merry Christmas. You made me smile at the end of your narrative.

    ~ Darling

    • Thank you 🙂

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