Posted by: Leah | January 12, 2014

Power of Silence

I must admit, this January the world seems a bit of a burden on my shoulders. Everything feels heavier and more difficult that it normally is. Perhaps, this is this year winter – from – 40C to + 6C and all the way back with the ice storm, frost quakes and power outages, perhaps this is just me, a bit more tired than I would like to be.

One thing I know  – sometimes hateful or mean words are about to get out of my mouth. I get very close to snapping at people or lecturing them when something does not happen the way I imagine or planned. I get really tempted to tell them off, or explode in a pharmacy because they do not have the meds I have been prescribed. I roll my eyes at people who are too loud on the subway and curse at neighbours who do not shovel their driveways. Newbies at the gym annoy me too.

Yet then I stop. I do not know what kind of a day my friend who I am about to lecture on the importance of punctuality is having. somebody who is too loud on the subway, may be excited about something good. I mean really GOOD. It is my fault that I have procrastinated refilling my prescription. Neighbours may be out of town. And newbies at the gym? Well, I was them not such a long  time ago.

I stop and count my blessings. And I practice silence. Each and every urge to snap or lecture I counteract with considering: do I really want to do it? Do I really mean to do it? and how about I keep quiet for 10 minutes and see if I still want to say what I am about to.

The heaviness of the world too will pass, but relationships may never be the same.

And I stop, and breathe, and keep quiet, and write how lucky I am and continue with my day, and stop again, and thank the universe and G-d for how blessed I am.

Happy Sunday, friends.


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