Posted by: Leah | May 11, 2014

On Strength and Weight Loss Movements

Just this past Friday, I saw a girl in my moksha class, who was visibly struggling with the series not only because of the heat but also she was not used to exercise. I chatted with her after a class for a bit (this is how I know!).

I recognized me 3 years ago in her struggles. My only hope that the challenges she experienced on Friday will push her to do more and will not  discourage her at the beginning of the fitness journey.

This is me about 5 years ago. Probably not at my heaviest but approaching it:


october 2009 036











I was recently divorced and found my refuge in food. Mostly in baked goods. My slim waistline was quickly expanding.

The wake up call however was only 3 years after the picture was taken. I climbed stairs, and realized that I was out of breath and perspiring. At the age of 31. That sure did not feel so good to me.

I took a long hard look at myself, my exercise, my baked goods diet and started my journey.

This is also me, just recently, 30 lbs lighter and more athletic.


leah after













I feel stronger, not only because of my exercise routine but also because I was able to take control of my life and my diet.

There are all kinds of movements out here: bootcampers, cardio and diet, no excuses, embrace yourself for who you are. but at the end of the day I know one thing it is unlikely anybody is really willing to embrace inability to climb stairs or walk 1 mile without sweating like there is no tomorrow.

I do not have to be size 2,  and will never be and embrace all my curves, but I refuse to feel weak.

Excuses, I have them plenty on any given day. I like to eat gelato and Lindt chocolate too. But everything in moderation.

Most importantly, I am committed to make positive changes to my body, mind and spirit. As I reflect back on perspiring after climbing set of stairs me, I am grateful for that realization. Sometimes the hardest truth helps the most.

I have lots of fitness goals for this summer: getting back into running, improving my strength training routine, kicking even more my yoga. Join me if you wish. It is more fun together.


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