Posted by: Leah | June 14, 2014

Running Progress

Running is one thing I did not believe I would ever be interested in. As a child, I somehow was never able to run and not be out of breath. I was a chubby kid. As an adult, having lost all that weight, I was still out of breath, and that WAS discouraging.

I tried to follow couch to 5K programs. They discouraged me too. They all suggested I run for 1 minute, and walk for 1 minute, and there is no way I could run for 1 minute without losing my breath.

This time in, however, I took a different approach. I decided I am going to run however long I last, and then walk. Surprisingly, I quickly progressed to running longer and longer, and now my runs are about 70% running and 30% walking. I am mastering running uphill now.

Running is very challenging for me. It is a different type of endurance I need for running, and I am working on it. I love being challenged, but also remember I have to sometimes go easy on myself. 🙂

This all has proved once again, and my body is my best teacher, that following some kind of program without tuning in to what my body can do is not going to lead me anywhere close to my goals.

A person who does not think for himself
does not think at all.

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde
(1854-1900, Irish writer and poet)


  1. maybe you should try martial arts?

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