Posted by: Leah | July 10, 2013

On Being and Doing and Being Flexible

I am just back from the vacation. In New York City. The most perfect and the most of everything I did not expect. You know how if you really want to go somewhere, you have all those pictures in your head of what it is going to be, how it is going to feel, and what you are going to experience?

Yup, so I had them, those pictures but then when everything started to be a little different – from my hotel transferring me to another one (literally two steps though), and me missing July 4th fireworks and the hotel being a bit further from Manhattan than I expected, and then for a second I even became upset. Come on now, how about all my perfect pictures and ideas, and most importantly PLANS?!

Yet then, I realized – I could not really help that, if things were not going to happen the way I WANTED them to happen, nothing I could do, and the following day I saw this in The Jewish Museum:












From there, I just enjoyed the state of being, the one I was longing for such a long time. Sometimes, I find when there is so much DOING in our lives, I can’t fully embrace just BEING, without rushing or thinking I only have one hour and then I need to get going, running, rushing and doing.

And here are some of my pictures of being:

ny3 ny4 ny7 ny9 ny10 ny12 ny13


Truly, “You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” – Joseph Campbell


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