Posted by: Leah | November 16, 2013


Time is slipping through my fingers these days. I make big plans, but achieve nothing. In a way, this is a perfect state of being, and doing just the way I crave it so much, and yes Mother Nature helped me in that and presented me with a cold last week, so I had an official excuse of why I was not doing anything at all.

But here are some moments I captured, and would like to share with you.


apples apples3

Trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake and gorgeousness there, and yes they have 365 days a year Xmas store 🙂



A friendly pumpkin at home.


More pumpkin! A pumpkin sugar cookie from Starbucks.


And my rediscovered addiction to Moomins!


(the image source is

Somewhere in Finland, I am pretty sure Moominvalley is hidden far far away close to a lake.

November has always been a challenging month for me, cold and dreary with little sunshine – not exactly fall and not winter. In. Between. This November, I am trying to do better, to be better and stop hibernating.


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